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Polyester High Tenacity Yarn (HTY)

Madhuram Fincap Private Limited(Simple Solution for complex connections).

Madhuram Fincap Private Limited is a leading exporter of High Tenacity Yarns in India & has been exporting world class quality high tenacity yarn to various countries across the globe creating its demand for quality products in Europe, Asia, Africa and America.A yarn containing filaments made from synthetic polymers has a cross-section having at least 5 vertices, a titer of 1 to 7 dtex and a tenacity of at least 60cN/tex.

The filaments of the high tenacity yarn preferably have a cross-section having 5 to 8 vertices, possibly with indentations between the vertices. The cross-section of the filaments is preferably star-shaped. The high tenacity yarn preferably has a tenacity of 60 to 85 cN/tex, an elongation at break of 15% to 35%, a hot-air shrinkage of 4% to 10% and a stretch recovery of 250 to 400 cN/tex.High Tenacity yarn is also available in different variant like normal shrinkage, low shrinkage & super low shrinkage depending upon the suitable end-use. The high tenacity yarn is excellently suited for use in the manufacture of industrial fabrics, particularly airbag fabrics.

High tenacity yarns have been used in the manufacture of textiles, carpets & tarpaulin. In the manufacture of textile fabrics such as wovens, knitted and crocheted fabrics and nonwovens from yarns containing synthetic polymer filaments, The most important consideration in the manufacture of these fabrics is the use of yarns with filaments having high tenacity and guaranteeing good foldability. The high tenacity yarns has high durability, toughness and chemical resistance, and withstands extremely hot environments that can stress conventional multi-filaments to their performance limits. We can supply you best quality Polyester High Tenacity yarns from manufacturers & suppliers in India, China, Taiwan, Indonesia, Vietnam, Malaysia & Korea.

100% Polyester High Tenacity Yarn [P-HTY]
Denier Filament G/D
50 24 8.20.2
70 24 8.20.2
100 36 8.00.2
120 36 8.00.2
150 48 8.00.2
210 60,72 8.00.2
250 48 8.00.2
300 96 8.00.2
420 120 8.00.2
500 96 8.00.2
930 192 8.20.2
1110 192 8.20.2
1440 192 8.20.2
1670 192 7.01.0
2220 384 7.01.0
3330 384 7.01.0
4440 576 7.01.0

  • High-tenacity Low-shrinkage Polyester Filament Yarn
  • High-tenacity Low-elongation Low-shrinkage Polyester Filament Yarn
  • Origin: China, Korea, India.
  • Packing
    Carton / box packing
    Pallet packing
  • End Use
    Fish net
    Industrial use & many more.
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Madhuram Fincap Private Limited(Simple Solution for complex connections). is one of the foremost and leading Indentors, based at Surat, Gujarat, India.

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